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22 Aug

Marketing your products online requires a complete marketing plan. You need to develop a plan based on solid research using the best strategies and tools. It is important that the right skills be used to conduct online marketing analysis. There are various tools that are used to achieve certain marketing goal and results. These tools are mostly in the hands of the digital marketing companies. Among such tools include the KPI tools that measure different metrics about the marketing campaign and the customer, For instance, it used to measure how many customers are originating from certain sources, devices, location, time zone, time and such. These metrics help to send personalized marketing campaign include the retargeting ads.

Bright Orange Thread Marketing requires the use of multiple channels to get customers through their most convenient method. Such a method includes the cost per click method. This is where you pay to appear in the search engines results and then be listed on the top of search results. This method gives your business high exposure to clients who are using the search engines. These are high quality clients who will probably buy the product immediately. They may leave your website as they try to look for the best product and price online. It is good to follow these clients using the retarget ads. Cost per click ads also happen on other websites where clients are exposed to random ads and they may click on the ad once they click the ad, you will pay for the action taken.

Another method is the use of social media. There are different social media chainless where you can reach potential customers. However, failing to identify where your clients are will cost you large budgets with minimal results. The KPI measures can help you understand which social media profiles are generating leads and which are not. Rich social media posts will bring more exposure to your business and raise brand awareness. Know the cost per lead here!

It is important that you do these when you have a sleek looking website. As already said, the first impression matters a lot and you need to impress your customers the first five seconds they see your website.  This will make them take more time on your website and possibly take the next course of action. Conducting UX tests will help learn how customers experience your website. This would suggest areas that need improvement so that you can get more leads.If you want to learn more about marketing, you can visit

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